Hazel to Brown?

My doctor today, what color are your eyes as he moves up closer to my face, Hazel I say, would you mind if they were brown he asks casually… I’m like what are you talking about half jokingly, well he says, you have Glaucoma in your left eye, more than likely from the Carotid Blood flow issue your having and so the pressure in your left eye the last¬†two weeks has been high so we need to treat you¬†with these drops. Okay I said so it’s going to turn one¬†eye brown?¬†Yep he says, more than likely. For how long, I ask. Well¬†indefinitely he says. ¬†Well okay then I thought to myself, between this and my Carotid blood flow issue that causes me to walk into walls. I am really going to be one of those Facebook photo’s that you send to your BFF stating “We all have that one special friend” and it will show me¬†with my head titled sideways, my tongue hanging out of my mouth and two different colored eyes.

Well LOL, you know, I’m okay with that, I’ve always been different. I’ve always been the one to go against the crowd. If someone said man I’d love to do that but I never would have the guts. Well guess what? I’d go do it. I’ve always loved the surprise and spontaneity of just doing things when I felt like it and then the look of shock on people faces before they busted out in laughter. Back in the day when I was younger there were no consequences really, were there? Now that I’m older with kids and grandchildren, well, I have to be a bit more careful, I really wouldn’t want to see my grandsons playing chicken by laying in the middle of the road in broad daylight to see how close cars would get to you before slamming on their brakes and stopping only for my girlfriends and I to get up and bolt to the school next door to hide in the narrow doorways. Geesh what were we ever thinking?

We had this one friend of ours named Leonard, I was infatuated with him, he had a huge old house that reminded me of something off an old plantation, he had an older  brother I believe that showed his face every now and again. I think he hid when our brood of Elementary school girls would show up. There parents were never home or they must have worked during the day unlike my mom who stayed home and took care of us kids. It was odd to me to go to my friends house and their parents were not there.

Come on girls lets go, I bolt up one side of the old home running two stairs at a time as my hands feel along¬†the silk dark wood curling up the narrow winding staircase. Us girls always knew he was home, we never even knocked, it was like the house of no parents, Ever !! We could eat, run, play or whatever. The best part was about to come….

We all meet at the top, the girls coming up one set of stairs on the far side of the house¬†and me the other. We burst into his room giggling…Leonard.. Leonard we call..hmmm he’s not here, where do you think he is.?

Ha I know exactly where he is come on! Down the stairs we all run full speed, head over heals, we hit the hard wood plank floor BAM! that’s going to leave a mark. Up we go and run out the side door, down the 4 cement stairs corralled by the Rot Iron rail and out to the horse pasture we all go.

You see Leonard’s family raced horses and there was one horse in particular that we all loved and this horse was amazingly beautiful. Swirls of gray encased his body with splashes of white in just the right places, his calves had the perfect patterns of diamonds running down to his hooves and the silkiest gray main and matching tail that I’ve ever saw, I loved him and¬†could just stand there in awe for hours and watch him, however it was forbidden for us to ever go out to “his” pasture,¬†and to make it even better it was a secret on why he couldn’t race any more and no one could ride him except Leonard’s mom and dad AND there was a special word that they would whisper in his ear when he was racing and it was time to put on the gas that would fire him off like a rocket!

As kids we were transfixed by this creature and that Leonard had full access, well today was going to change our worlds but little did we know it at the time. So today which basically never happens, Leonard is in “his” pasture and as we all bolt up to the barn door, Leonard stops in his tracks, he turns, you know your not supposed to be out here right? well, uhm yes, but we just wanted to look, we’ll be quiet and watch, what are you doing?

Well, my parents and my brother aren’t home and I wanted to just hop on him and ride in the pasture. I never get to ride him and he’s so gentle. You girls have to go. No! we all shout startling him. We’ll be quiet we promise. Come on we want to see you ride him we won’t tell come on, we promise, just do it! Are you scared? NO! I’m not he yells at us.

The next thing we know Leonard has him saddled up and bridled and he’s riding him around, it was so awesome to see and we are now calling Leonard our Knight of the Neighborhood ! In fact where chanting this over and over. Well,¬†we will never be sure if it was us or something else however, there is a ruckus in the other pasture, the mare and another are kicking, biting and rearing up, these two are going crazy and somehow the gate was not latched tightly or at all. One of the mares hits a spot that makes the gate fly open and she takes off, we run and close it behind her so the other horse does not follow. By this time she is well out of the yard and heading down the street. Leonard is freaking out and his horse is now very unsettled. We can all sense the danger, Leonard get off him. Get off him!! To late Leonard and his race horse tear outta the yard like a flash.¬†To this day I¬†have no idea how he hung on, that horse was gone like a bullet thru the yard and down the middle of the road after the mare and true to fact, I’ve never seen a horse up close and personal run as fast as he was running, my heart was pounding and I was terrified for all of them.

All we learned later that night from our parents is that the mare was running full bore¬†down the middle of the road and was struck by a driver head on. I’ll never forget hearing them say that they could actually reach there hands into her chest and feel her heart. Needless to say that poor mare did not make it thru that night. Also we never did know what happened to Leonard after that or his beauty of a horse as he just seemed to disappear off the planet. That was the last time of my childhood I was at that house or saw Leonard.

Sometimes, to this day as an adult I still don’t know or recall what all happened that evening to change so many lives in just an instant. Maybe I was to young at the time to know or be told the full story or maybe my mind chose to change it, however this is my recollection of what happened that day and even now as I sit here and write this it brings back the horror and the tragedy of what we saw, heard and witnessed that day ¬†and tears to my eyes.



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