A Difference of Opinion

Today as I woke I could feel the sun outside my window, the rays trying to shine thru the blinds, I could feel my two puppies nestled up against me under the covers as they are each morning, one on my left side and the other on my right. They always have to be touching me, however they cannot touch each other or it’s game on!

It made me smile, as I turned to get out of bed, feet on the floor, PJ bottoms on, teeth brushed and headed downstairs. These two were right behind me knowing the next steps, outside and food.

As I sit down on my swirly barstool at my kitchen counter after going thru the morning motions, taking my pills, making coffee and getting my breakfast, I pick up my cell phone and start to read, the hatred on Facebook and realizing just what had happened during the night while I was blissfully sleeping made my stomach start to churn.

I too wanted to post on Facebook, I wanted my opinion out there, I wanted my voice heard and as I started to type my response on my page a post popped into my inbox. It was a post from a fellow blogger Titled “To Know Yourself” I paused, stopped my FB message and started to read this blog post. It struck home.

Who exactly was I? Was I this person who like some of the others on this history changing day were disowning their families and swearing at their friends based on their opinions or choices? Was I this hater of everyone that did not believe the same things I did? Was I going to act out in the same way as the very people who I did not vote for or believe in? Was I going to scare my children or grandchildren based on what I think someone might do? Well the answer is NO, No and No. That is not the person that I am or that I want to be. I will not choose to hate to or be biased based on a “Difference of Opinion” Period.

This takes me back to the post I had just read from “The Murasaki Sheep” and who am I?  Since now my heart is not really into writing on my past today, I am going to instead give a brief synopsis on who I am at this moment and time in my life.

So, who am I?

My name is Lorrie, I am married, since April 1994, for the third time to the man of my dreams. I am 53, I have two beautiful daughters who are grown women that I could not be more proud of. I have two grandsons who are the loves of my life and I like most, work for a living to make ends meet and try to help keep our head above water until we can retire and live out our lives together.

I am a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a sister, a daughter, an aunt, a niece

I am a friend

I am a counselor

I am a taxi

I am a bank

I am an animal lover

I am  compassionate

I am empathetic

I am loving

I love those who never choose to give up regardless even if the process is slow

I love to garden it is my stress release, my calming, my bubble bath

I love to walk outside it is my serenity, my thinking tool, my wellness

I love to drive alone on the highway with my music up way to loud and sing at the top of my lungs it’s my venting, my yelling at the world, my frustration relief from the day, my pre preparation for going home sane

I love to have my grandsons over and play outside in the yard it’s my youth, my back to earth, my absolute and pure joy, my reason for life

I love to shock people in doing the most unexpected or random things they want to do but don’t I love to see the shock the laughter and the OMG of absolute insanity on their faces

I really love to surprise folks with gifts or cards or flowers or random acts of kindness it’s my give back, my feel good

I am spiritual, I read the bible and I believe in the strength of prayer

I do not like liars or cheaters

I do not like showboats or braggers

I do not like arrogance or entitlement

I do not like know it all’s

I love my freedom and I love my country

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