A Tribute to Oliver Sacks

This story to me totally hit home, I was reading the start and it was so so, however as I continued to read on the amazing things this man actually did for those folks who others labeled and pushed to the side is amazing. I will be reading his books from here on out the myself gain a new perspective. Really good read, if you take the time to read all the way through.

The Psychology Geek

          I’ve spent the last four years being a student in psychology, actively engaged in learning the theories, techniques, and prominent figures through the many schools in the field. Through this time, I’ve had the opportunity to be exposed to many theories of human behavior, ideas about recovery, theories of psychopathology, how to interpret dreams, and theories of aberrant behavior. In many, but not all of these, I have found one aspect to be lacking: humanity. Of course, there are schools of thought such as humanism and existentialism that emphasize the human and creating meaning in life, but the trend seems to be a focus on pathology, dysfunction, and disorder. Granted, this is what psychologists work with. We work with people who are trying to reach a more desirable level of functioning, one in which the person is able to find joy, so they focus understandably on…

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