Only for the Season….

Pups.jpgAs I sit home today with a horribly sore throat and a migraine from Hades, I watch out our paned glass windows at the soft white snow flakes floating down from the sky. I ponder how long they will last before the rain comes in or the freeze that is supposed to happen this evening. This in turn will change this incredibly peaceful sight into the chaos of a free for all slip and slide in the morning as it does here in Washington state each year.

I glance over towards our pellet stove with its warm and cozy fire burning bright and at our two pups, one curled up on the back of the soft leather sofa asleep and the other completely out in her plush doggie bed in front of the stove. In walks Thor, our 13 year old 139lb lap dog, he sniffs at Gracie on the couch, steals a bone out of Bella’s bed on the floor then flops down, chews on it for a minute and then THUD he’s now laid out in front of the fire also. Sigh, these are the peaceful and serene moments that you wish would last a lifetime.

This is a perfect day except,  our girls are not all here nor are our grandsons running around the house asking for hot cocoa with mini marsh mellows in it to dip their frosted sugar cookies in. It always feels so different to me during this month to have all our loved ones under one roof, much different than in the summer with everyone running in and out for towels and food. This month warms my soul, calms my mind and brings to bare how much we all take for granted. Loved ones are not with us forever, family members pass, friends come and go, pets we lose and the winter months move on.

The joy and the gift of giving and receiving whether it be of love, time, donations or what have you pass. I’ve never understood why the traditions of December seem to fade as the months continue. Is it that the birth of Christ brings this on so much more spiritually in our souls or is it just the lack of sunlight and the bitter cold drive us all indoors and the smells of cooking and baking or doing things together around the table or in the kitchen take us back to another place. For some a happy place where mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, aunts and uncles were all home, there was continual conversations, laughing, reminiscing while the kids all snacked and played games. Oh how I with those days and those feelings continued all year round. For me they do, for some it’s Only for the Season.

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