The Harsh Reality of the Real World

It’s seems like it’s been forever since I’ve been able to sit back down and write. I’ve had the urge each day, however not the time. I’ve had things rolling thru my mind while lying awake in bed at 1am, however not wanting to wake my exhausted hubby or make the pups bark and run around with their little pitter patter of paws on the hardwood floors, I’ve just let those thoughts go as I drift back off to sleep. I’ve had many topics to contemplate while a passenger in our 5 person, all women vanpool, however that could cause me to be walking to work instead of sharing a van with these wonderful women. I love our conversations, all of them open and honest. Small disagreements or laughter of yep, I know that exactly! The camaraderie of these women who only know the city names or approximation of where each of us live, the community in the van and no obligation outside of it, turns it into anything goes discussions. We are either laughing until we have tears, whispering while one or two are snoring in the back or yelling at the Seahawks or Mariner games on the radio. We know each other’s families, likes and dislikes, what radio stations are a go or no go and who has the best singing voice lol.   We are of all ages, beliefs and cultures, the sharing we do and learning that comes from this is immeasurable and I wouldn’t trade it.

So the Holiday/Christmas season has now passed, this year for me was anything but Jolly and Happy, the rush rush of last minute rude shoppers, the accidents and cutting off folks while driving 1 to 2 ton vehicles because they may not get the right doll or pair of socks is just mind blowing! Really people! Is some material item worth an actual life? Or the rest of yours in prison or possibly in ashes?

I guess as I get older the “true” to me, meaning of Christmas comes to lite, it’s not about gifts, what you get, how much money you spend or how much you receive in material items. It’s not about watching kids fight over who got the best toy or I like yours better and breaking down in tears or taking it away from your sibling, It’s not about adults acting like a child to get what they think is the “best” gift. It really struck home to me this year watching all this absurdity around me and the chaos it creates. It seems each year it gets worse!

Black Friday for instance, what stores in their right mind want to help injure people in stampedes just so they get the best sales… what money grubbing morons do this? I understand the people who may not have the funds to buy gifts in any other manner so they have to put themselves thru this each year to possibly get a gift for a child or loved one. But my gosh the stores should just be absolutely ashamed. Tis the season for giving, for love and peace, if they want to make money then why don’t’ they price their items so everyone can afford them, drop your prices ALL during the season not just one day, think how many folks would come, their friends, their family holy cow, a store that has low prices like Black Friday all of December!!! Whooohoo, I’m shopping there and I don’t need knee pads nor a helmet approved by the NFL !!

Anyhow, the season should be a relaxing, time with those you love or doing things you love, volunteering more, spending time with those who do not have loved ones, if you can’t stand your own lol. I remember most of ours where around baking, eating and playing games, not fighting over gifts. It was spending time with my cousins and those we didn’t get to see that often, listening to the stories and stealing uhm (borrowing)  beer after dinner when the adults were playing card games and had a few to many lol..seeing aunts/uncles and grandmas/grandpas ! I truly do not remember being a kid and wanting gifts more than anything else.

So next year my hubby says he wants to go to Vegas and not do any holiday celebrating as the norm, me, not yet sure. All I know is that we will not be buying gifts next season, it will be around volunteering at our food bank, somehow helping kids in need and helping bring joy to those children, a ton of baking and just hanging out with those I love.  Relaxing, playing games, crawling around on my hands and knees or whatever fun thing we decide to do as a family or a couple. I refuse to spend the season stressed, broke or missing the whole point of it all.

Ah well….. back to work heehee Happy New Year !!!



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