Just thinking

Do you ever wonder how some are chosen to be rich or to have found their lifelong soul mate or some that have no worries in the world, are always lucky. That are never sick, kids are perfect, play sports, travel all the time and are genuinely good people, or not. Then you have those who no matter what struggle with one thing after another, health, kids health, work, transportation, bills, money or lack there of. No matter our race, creed or color there are those born to always carry a burden and those born who will never have a worry. We all know both sides so how does this happen. Who chooses. Who decides that the poor single mom struggling to feed her kids who have severe health issues should keep getting kicked and kicked until she finally breaks and the family is torn apart. Who decides that a single woman or man struggles alone with cancer for a few years , goes into remission only to find out months later it’s back

Who gets to decide what peoples heads they play with or what mind games they can put folks through before each one of us in our own life is perfect or life is hell moment break into pieces that can never be put back quite the same way.



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