Memories Past

Sitting here watching the Mariners play in the 13th inning, my grandma would be going nuts!. I remember as a kid traveling to Bremerton via ferry to visit. First thing when the door opened was the smell of homemade chili cooking on the stove, the huge pot simmering with goodness. The adults used to laugh and say that same pot of chili had been cooking since they were kids and grandma just kept adding to it. No matter the day or time of day, it was always there waiting to be eaten😁. The second sense that I have is the Mariners playing on that old giant brown TV that took up more of the living room than we did. The TV on but sound off, instead they would have the radio tuned in to the game as they liked that announcer better than the one on live TV. This is how they watched all the games. Sitting at the round brown and white spotted table with two chairs playing cribbage, grandma with the tips of her fingers yellowed from smoking her Raleigh  but less cigarettes, vodka drinks next to them and happy as clams to see us kids😊. Those are memories I keep and never let go of. I truly miss them…. Alot

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