Thoughts of the day

Take the time to actually feel the love of others and embrace it. If they’ve taken the time out of their lives to acknowledge you in any way, be flattered, be humble, be gracious. I am currently sitting on my bed, lights off, hubby sleeping and my puppies are curled up around me and very jealous that I’m typing on my phone and not petting them. Gracie is trying to nudge the phone out of my hand with her nose while Bella has her head on my lap softly whining. I can continue to type or put my god forsaken can’t live without phone down for five minutes and pay attention to them. So that is what I do, put my phone down and focus on them for the quick few minutes it takes and they are now happily snoozing. So how do we think others feel? They invite us to lunch, instead of catching up or listening to how their lives are changing or sorrowful, new baby or they have found the home of their dreams we are more focused on what may be happening online that we are missing than what may be really important to others. What ever happened to caring, listening to your best friend, spouse, child when they are really reaching out, and your only half listening. They know when they have your full attention or not, do you want them to perceive you could care less, have them get advice or guidance somewhere else?. Put down your stinking social and media devices, come back to the touch and feel world for a few minutes have a face to face (if your man or woman enough) look your children in the face, listen when they tell you about their day, good or bad, give advice . It comes from the heart that way not in a text. When folks pay attention to you, when they look at you or ask how your day is, look them in the face and be sincere. Engage in face to face conversation. You truly cannot get to know any persons life, culture or heart thru texts on a page or a photo on FB.if you come to work and there is a note, cookie or such on your desk, it means someone has recognized you as a human being that is respected, be humble, thankfu and proud as this thing called human caring is few and far between. We wouldn’t want to cause ant kindness in the world now would we.

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