I Remember When


I was a young girl and dreamed about my future. I always loved animals even though the worms I pulled apart, ants I tried to burn with the magnifying glass or potato bugs I absolutely loved to see curl up in a circle so I could roll them down the driveway or the slugs I poured salt on would never think so 😉 but I always wanted to be a vet and take care of dogs and horses. I suppose at my young age I thought I could pick and choose. My passion stayed with me so very strong until my parents divorced. my life changed then and so did my dreams. I lost what I wanted,my thoughts were no longer on my future, but only on my dad, my brother, sister and our well being. On day to day items and taking care of them. I was in 6th grade. My dad remarried, he married his brothers ex wife, so my aunt became my mom, my cousins became my brother and sister. I loved my siblings all as one and still do to this day. They are my blood, they are my brothers and my sisters and I wouldn’t change that part for anything. What I would change is how this one event changed my entire life, dreams, beliefs and trust. They say things happen for a reason and that you choose your own destiny….. I don’t think so…

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