Not Quite Sure

How I’m feeling today, how much crap can one person be put thru at age 32? A person who has never hurt or harmed a soul or an animal, who had pet Ferrets, pet rats, pet frogs and a lizard named Max to name a few.
A person who grew up with her own special needs and issues. How do you look her in the eye and tell her everything is going to be okay? A single mom with serious health issues of her own that are never controlled enough for her to have what we call (a good day). A mom with two boys with hearts of gold, huge smiles and such empathy it tears you up. One of which has a terminal disease and struggles daily but never loses that precious smile. The second with his own health issues that at times bring him to his knees in frustration, pain in his heart for his momma and brother and lack of understanding on how life can be so cruel. Why did my dad leave us for another family, why dont I have friends why are my mom and brother always sick or at the hospital. Where do I fit in, I’m so scared my brother is going leave us…
So again, how do parents of a daughter and family such as this continue when every turn is a new item or unforeseen issue just waiting to knock us all back on our asses.
I guess as I write this I know the answer, I just needed to vent. Its love, its faith, its taking one day at a time and believing in the unbelievable, its optimism, its support of your family and true friends. Its the circle of life.

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