we forget just how lucky we are, we dwell on the fact we are ill, or stressed, we don’t have the money we want, we can’t travel, we don’t have the right person in our lives, don’t have the right style of clothes. Someone we love is sick and we cannot do anything to help…negative thoughts, negative feelings. negative vibes. This affects everything and everyone around you, it affects your thinking, your choices, it affects the people who want to be around you. That in itself snowballs into what could be a horrific life change.
I’ve found myself lately getting into that routine, my grandson is terminally ill and he’s getting worse, nothing helps, it runs my daughter down and she is now ill a lot of the time to, she has many things going on health wise also. It affects my oldest grandson who sees his mom ill and his brother getting worse . I think what in the world did any of us do to have to go thru this.
And then
I meet this person in a meeting, very kind, smart intelligent man, he is in
this meeting with me for like an hour. I think nothing of it. We speak maybe 20 words to each other and all go our separate ways. Two months go by and I get an email that is sent company wide about a tragedy that had happened to a person at our work. A person who is fine one day and the next their life has changed forever. This person has been in the hospital now since April and is still there fighting for their life. This person is not able to breathe on their own, has a trach in, this person cannot move anything except their eyes. this person is awake and has a hundred percent brain function after two surgeries. This person is thirty four years old, married with a young daughter. As I’m reading thru this email that is asking folks for prayers, healing wishes and any help for the family that can be given I click on the link that takes me to a photo gallery and the full story of what has happened.
I’m stunned when I see, this is the person from my meeting, that I met only one time and it’s not him, it’s his wife that this has happened to. He had started a Journal from day one and every single detail that had happened from the doctors to the nurses to his wife and her every breath. These journals started at day one and still continue every single evening he writes of the days events. I come into work now and read these each day and post my comments back to him. I don’t know if he ever reads them or if he even knows who I am. These entries are so touching, so profound that I could never explain how they have changed me and my views on life itself, on love, on true grit if you will. This man sitting next to the love of his life, the mother of his young daughter not knowing the outcome of this terrible tragedy that has taken over his life, however in reading thru his notes and getting up to speed, I noticed something, there was never a negative word, nor thought nor implication. Every word or response was utter joy. She looked at me today, really looked at me. she moved her toe!!!! Another day, no more eye bobbing that has stopped yeah… She squeezed my hand, she is mouthing words however cannot speak yet.
These are all things that have happened over the last two months. however, it’s all about joy, hope. love and faith. Who does that? Who would instead be like omg how are we going to live, how do I work and support possible a disabled wife for the rest of my life. What about my daughter, Why has this happened to us?
But not these two, the are going for the gold and I have faith they will make it. I truly wish I had known her, I think we would have been friends with her spunk and newly found attitude with communication thru raising her eyebrow or squeezing of a hand. I love these two for the inspiration they bring.
So I’m sitting at my desk on Tuesday this week and this man comes up to me and says hey Lorrie, I turn around and say “yes” he says “I just want to thank you for all the posts on my journal pages” I almost fell out of my chair, I was so caught off guard that it was him, there, at work, telling me thank you… I burst into tears and could hardly speak and I apologized for my emotions as I let him know how their love and faith thru all of this had inspired me and totally changed my outlook on how I look at things. I shared a bit about our daughter and grandson and he told me that they would pray for them. I was just stunned. This is the kind of people that still are around us everywhere we just have to be aware and take notice. we need to help and support each other. Who knows Sometimes……what is brought to our doorstep and why

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