When the Day….

Woke up this am, sunshine flowing thru the window next to my bed, both puppies sill asleep, Gracie next to my right leg and Bella curled up next to my left hip. Covers off, I can already feel the heat thru the window, I look at the clock it’s 8:10am. I better get up as according to my hubby, if I’m up later than 8 and not downstairs I’ve already let half the day go. LOL, he’s up at the butt crack of dawn every day all the time. He works his butt off, never sits still and loves being outside. I crawl out of bed puppies close behind and walk downstairs, the back door is already open and coffee’s been brewed and he’s already outside somewhere 🙂 with our five acres there is always a tree to come down, something to be mowed or trimmed, moles to chase birds to feed and squirrels to mess with. He loves to see how hard he can shove the corn cobs into the squirrel feeder to see if they can pry them out. So far Squirrels about 20, Duane 0. He calls them the little bastards lol.

So I know that our grandsons go visit their dad on Saturday so Courtney will be home alone. I eat, go upstairs to take a shower and (shave my legs) !!! first time since last summer hahahaha woohoo!!! Yeah sunshine…
I go pick up Courtney, we come back hang at the house talking and cleaning. We go outside and it’s like a sauna 🙂 we plant flowers, we talk about life, kids, how tough things are when your a single mom with your own issues along with your sons having health issues. The fact you have to depend on child support that never seems to come to buy your kids food and keep them clothed.

Dad never seems to be able to pay court ordered child support however he can pay for movies, gas, a car full of fast food items to the point when you open the door the shit falls out. He can pay for a hotel overnight for he and the boys however he cant seem to pay his weekly support. The parenting plan was for 1 day every other weekend, the judge says no to Courtney that the boys deserve to see their dad at least 48 hours every two weeks. So okay, he comes on Saturdays (when he can, says he) shows up at 11am and brings them back to Courtney at 5pm… so that’s 6 hours a week…hmmm.
Ah well, the boys adore him, he’s their idol so you cant do a whole lot to jeopardize that relationship, that would be wrong, however in the meantime Courtney is the one suffering to make ends meet and make sure the boys are fed, clothed and happy.
I thank God every day that she is such an amazing mother and is able to cope with it all, God gave those boys the best momma on the planet. She is strong, caring, funny, spends the most amazing time with them doing goofy stuff, playing games. She gives them Memories and Quality time. For those who do not know, Dylan is 5 and has DMD which is terminal, Alan is 8 and has traits of Autism and Courtney has her own medical issue. So for her to go thru all this, keep her head up, chin held high and function day to day is a blessing from God.

So hanging out just her and I while my hubby is roaming the acreage with his to do list, her and I had great conversation, meaningful conversation.

Time passes and Duane’s mom and dad come down, I wasn’t done planting and was a bit testy however once I sat down and started chatting I realized that I had really missed moms company and insight, she was in a great mood, looked good and happy. Made my day. A bit later here come hubbies brother, two kids and wife to be, coming to check out the yard as they are getting married here next month. So hubby and I every Saturday at 3:30 go to our local watering hole to visit with some dear friends. So now we have a deck full of folks and I’ve been sick and worked hard yesterday and today outside and I want to go. I’m looking at my watch and it’s 3:30, ah we have time still, then it 4:02 then 4:10, I can feel my blood start to boil about then, as now my hubby has cracked a beer which means now were more than likely not going anywhere.

I walk in the house to get some water and hubby comes in to see what I want for dinner, I’m like I don’t care in a very pissy manner…he get’s the point. Now it’s five and I have to take Courtney home as Dad is dropping off the boys. I take her home and on may way back I’m thinking… man I’m so messed up, here we have three generations of family at my house all laughing talking, telling stories out on the deck, breeze blowing, sun out, birds chirping, dogs running around and I’m being a meanie head cause I’m not going to the bar. I actually started laughing out loud in my car. Not sure if it was the heat, all the folks at once or what but the light bulb turned on driving home.

I get home chatting up my niece and nephew whom I absolutely adore, I go start the BBQ an inform them they are hanging out for dinner, we BBQ’s dogs and burgers, ate coleslaw then I’m putting things away watching them all thru the kitchen window as they laugh. My niece comes in and says aunt Lorrie will you throw the baseball for me. I’m like sure honey, she says really? I’m like yeah, she says wow I thought you were going to say no….

So we go out and start playing baseball, she wacked one that almost took my head off, we both were cracking up..so I’m pitching she’s hitting, then I’m hitting she’s trying to pitch lol, so then here comes my nephew and he wants to play also, so I get two balls and am pitching to them both. I’m running after balls while they stand there and hit, or I’m ducking or dodging while they are cracking up, so now here comes their uncle (my hubby) to play so he’s pitching to our nephew and I’m pitching to our niece, uhm yeah hahah they’re hitting each other with the bat, balls are flying everywhere. It was hysterical. So now here comes there dad so he and my hubby are pitching, the kids are hitting and who do you think is chasing the ball? ha yep me !!

After a bit I step aside so it’s just them four, one goes to hit the ball double spins and lands on the ground so the other falls cause she’s laughing so hard. so now it’s just the two big brother playing and they are trying to take each other out 🙂 Fast and I mean Fast balls are wizzing thru the air a chin is hit. they are jumping around like kangaroos as to not get hit. No one could have hit any of those balls as they were not aiming at the bats any longer but at each other. The kids had tears they were laughing so hard.

so they ended up leaving about 8pm 🙂 the moral of my story is this, I had the best day in a long long time, enjoying myself and watching my hubby, his brother, parents, niece and nephew have an absolute blast !! no phones, no technology just good ole baseball, family and BBQ.
So When the Day turns itself upside down and things don’t go as planned, take a deep breath, go with the flow, flush out the frustration and live a little 🙂 Trust me, you’ll be glad you did

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