Only the Good Die Young

Why is it that these words are so true in life, or that folks whether it be someone you know or someone famous always pass in threes? I keep contemplating this and it is so very true, especially those that pass in three’s. Is it a universal triangular effect? Is it coincidence? what the heck is it that makes these things happen?
Why do the good die young, I mean seriously they really do, it is that the universe wants the good vs the bad before the apocalypse happens? Is it to leave the bad until the end and see who fights it out and wins? The less better over evil? do you ever think of these things?
We have so many that are dying of cancer, of unforeseen tragedies that are just horrific and watching those we love die needlessly, painfully and in anguish.
Just from my side, we have a “family member” going in for cancer surgery on Monday to have a Kidney removed. We have a very dear neighbor that has been struggling with cancer for three years now and getting worse, going in for 4 days of continuous chemo on Tuesday. My dad had cancer surgery in March, my precious uncle died of cancer, we have another adopted son who has lupus and has been on dialysis for quite the long haul, lost his job, is in the hospital three times a week not counting when his fistula went bad, he got a blood clot and they had to put in a direct line to his heart until they could fix the issue. We have another in law family member who has cancer to the point that at this time she is an in patient for almost a year… these folks have been the spitting image of society, community, giving back and just all around amazing souls… why them? We have another mother who is 32 who just had a brain blockage in April. She is married and has a very young daughter, she is still in critical care, she is immobilized. Her brain is 100% however her body is not. She can move her eyebrows, she can smile but not speak, she can move now her left hand and right along with her toes and nothing else…. she is 32. She like the others never gives up, they smile, they are oh so very strong, they teach others the meaning of inspiration and optimism. My thoughts, why should they, why aren’t the assholes who are abusers, who are killers and enemies of the human race in these situations instead, why aren’t the abusers of children, animals and woman, those who rape and kill in drunk driving or other recklessness in these hospital beds… I really do not understand and it breaks my heart. Why do we have these very young children dying of diseases that we cannot cure, when those horrible people around us live without conscious doing drugs, stealing and having the state support them. It is so so wrong. Do you believe in a higher power? do you believe in re incarnation? what do you believe. I believe we are already living in hell and the next life is our reprieve…..there is no other option at this point for my brain to fathom.

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